A very important visit

We met with the Secretary of State Vesna Humar and members of her team

Mrs. Vesna Humar, State Secretary at the Slovenian Government Office for Slovenian Minorities in neighboring countries and Slovenians living in the world, toured South America. As part of her visit to Argentina, last Friday, November 3, we had the honor of participating in a meeting between the delegation she heads and representatives of our institution. In addition, on that occasion, the Secretary together with her companions, Undersecretary Susana Martínez and Chief of Staff Anja Lorenzetti, also had the opportunity to visit the facilities of two of our associated companies, Interpack and Talleres Crovara. 

The first stop was a visit to Interpack, a leading company in the packaging market with more than 60 years of experience. Interpack is part of one of the most important groups in the packaging industry in Latin America, the HZ Group. This large conglomerate of companies manufactures cardboard and micro-corrugated packaging, flexible packaging, adhesive labels, containers for liquids and multi-packs, which are then used to supply some of the leading companies in Argentina and the world, such as Unilever, McDonald’s, P&G and La Serenísima, among many others. The HZ Group operates through four companies located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, São Paulo, Brazil and Santiago, Chile. Between all its factories they employ around 2,000 people.

Following her itinerary, Secretary Humar visited Talleres Crovana, a company in the metallurgical sector with more than 50 years of experience in the market, which with its large machines and cutting-edge technology is dedicated to the cutting, punching and bending of sheet metal and steel and currently employs about 40 people. The company was founded in 1959 by Joseph Kržišnik and has since been run by his children and now also by his grandchildren. 

To end this great day of visits and meetings, some of the founding partners of SLOAR along with the president of the institution, Mr. Martin Križ, met with Secretary Humar and her team to share a lunch, where they were able to talk about the beginnings and progress of the Chamber in these two years. 

We are very grateful for the visit and hope that this is another step that will allow us to continue strengthening the ties and interests that bind us together.

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