From 17 to 20 november 2022 in Mendoza

Between November 17th to 20th 2022, the I. Slovenian World Meeting and VII. “MARTINOVANJE” were held in Mendoza.  Within this meeting, various events of cultural and business nature took place, and many members of our Chamber actively participated.

On Friday November 18th in the morning, ProMendoza received Robert Rakar, a member of the Primorska Gospodarska Zbornica, Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia. Matías Jakoš, from SLOAR, the Slovenian-Argentine Chamber of Commerce, met him with representatives of the Economic Federation Association of Mendoza (FEM) and the Commercial and Industrial Union of Mendoza (UCIM), both entities founders of ProMendoza. 

Thursday 11/17
in the morning 11AM

almost 40 businessmen and professionals, Argentine and Slovenian, met at the IMPSA facilities

Accompanied by the Minister of Slovenian over the World, Matej Arčon, and by the ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia in Argentina, to carry out a visit to the company’s facilities. 

Those responsible for institutional relations received the group of businessmen. They showed an institutional video regarding the company’s activities. IMPSA is a company that offers integral solutions for the generation of energy from renewable resources, as well as equipment for the process industry and nuclear energy. Develops the design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning, executing the projects under turnkey modality.
IMPSA is the only company in Latin America with its own technology for hydraulic and wind generation equipment, and with ASME III certification for the design and manufacture of nuclear components.

Thursday 11/17
in the afternoon

the company’s facilities were visited

Beginning with laboratories, where all the turbine models produced are exhibited; they also have a miniature hydroelectric power station, where they carry out tests. Nowadays, there are only 3 laboratories worldwide, with this hightech development. The visit continued in the production factory, where lathes, machines and blades for turbines of various sizes could be watched.

Once the tour was over, some of the visitors moved to BAJDA S.R.L. factory, where company managers received them and explained how it works.

Friday 11/18
in the afternoon

there was a business round meeting and a meeting of Honorary Consuls at the “Gobernador Emilio Civit” Congress and Exhibition Center

Nearly 70 businessmen and professionals from Argentina, Slovenia and Brazil attended. 
There also was the Minister of Slovene for the World, Matej Arčon; the head of Cabinet of the Ministry of Economy and Energy of Mendoza, Facundo Biffi; the ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia in Argentina, Alain Brian Bergant;  the Honorary Consuls of Slovenia in Argentina and Brazil; and other guests.

After the welcome words and greetings, the business round began, which included four panels.
1º – The first panel:
WORLDWIDE, GREEN AND DIGITAL: PILLARS OF THE SLOVENIAN ECONOMY, moderated by Matías Jakoš, from SLOAR, was attended by members of the Primorska Trade Chamber, Robert Rakar; by the Slovenian Global Business Network (SGBN), Štefan Bogdan Barenboim Šalej; and the Slovenian-Argentine Chamber of Commerce (SLOAR), Martin Križ. They discussed about export issues and business opportunities with the European Union, through Slovenia.  Also, presentations of the activities carried out by the Slovenian Global Business Network and the Slovenian-Argentine Chamber of Commerce were made.

2º – The second panel:
OPPORTUNITIES TO DEEPEN COOPERATION WITH PROVINCE MENDOZA, moderated by Carolina Suárez Garcés, Head of Institutional Relations at the Mendoza Stock Exchange. Participated the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Economy and Energy of Mendoza, Lic. Facundo Biffi; the general manager of the Stock Exchange of Mendoza, Luis Steindl; and the person in charge of Institutional Relations of ProMendoza, Carolina Suarez Garces. There was a presentation of various institutions and the opportunities for cooperation from Mendoza both towards Slovenia and the rest of Argentina and to the world.
It was time of a coffee break, which was a great opportunity to exchange comments between all those present.

3º – The second part of the event began with the third panel:
WORK VISION AND GOOD PRACTICES OF SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS and THE ROLE OF HONORARY CONSULS IN ECONOMIC DIPLOMACY, moderated by Guillermo Ayerbe, Secretary of SLOAR.  Attended by HZGroup, Hernan Zupan; from CKC Laboratories, Andrés Kocmur; by ISKRAEMECO, Jorge Castelli and Maks Prokop; from BRIGANTI, Mariano Godec; from Bartolo Bajda, Juan Bajda; and Agroindustrial Consulting, Andrés Šmon. All the panelists made a brief presentation of their companies and how they managed to develop successful companies through good practices.

4º – The fourth and last panel took place:
THE FUTURE OF GREEN AND SUSTAINABLE WINEMAKING TOURISM, moderated by Pablo Šmon, from Viña Doña Paula S.A.   Vlado Tance, from KOMPAS d.o.o (Slovenia Tourism Agency) attended, and the Minister of Tourism of Mendoza, Quality and Tourist Services, Marcelo Reynoso. Both institutions presented the range of opportunities that exist to learn about Slovenia and Mendoza treasures.
Ending the fourth panel, the business round was concluded.  It was the central event of the weekend for the Argentinian Slovenian Chamber of Commerce. It was transmitted live through the youtube channel of the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Argentina. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5g4DmMUOIs8)

Saturday 11/19
in the morning

During the following days, cultural events took place.  It was the I. SLOVENIAN WORLD MEETING and VII. “MARTINOVANJE”, and several members of the chamber attended

On Saturday, November 19th morning, the Honorary Consul Jože Šmon received in his offices Mr. Carlos Iannizzotto, chairman of CONINAGRO (organization that brings together the Argentine agrarian cooperative sector), engineer Paul Burlot (World Forum of Wine Cooperatives), Bogdan S. Salej (SBGN), Robert Rakar (head of the Primorska Chamber of Commerce), and the representatives of the SLOAR Chamber, Martín Križ, Andrés Kocmur and Jorge Komar. The main goal of the meeting was showing an idea of cooperation between Slovenia and Argentina, seeking opportunities for both parties.

Saturday 11/19
in the afternoon

a meeting was held at the “Doña Paula” vineyard

where a guided tour to its facilities was organised, having the opportunity to taste their wines and a traditional Argentine “asado” barbecue.

Sunday 11/20

Sunday started with a Thanksgiving Mass and continued celebrating all the Slovene Day and Martinovaje, at the Slovenski Dom of Mendoza, Slovenian social Headquarters

During the event, gifts and acknowledgments from the Ministry of Slovene around the World were handed over.

The I. SLOVENIAN WORLD MEETING and VII. “MARTINOVANJE”, was an event in which about 500 people throughout the entire weekend participated.  It would not have been possible without the organization and commitment of the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Argentina and the Slovenian Association of Mendoza.

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