Meeting of businessmen of Slovenian origin in Sao Paulo

Last Friday, July 7th, the management of SLOBRAZ and SLOAR – vice president and president from both institutions, Alexander Hlebanja and Martin Križ –  organized a meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Through debates new opportunities for cooperation opened up between both chambers of trade. The Brazilian SLOBRAZ will organize a visit of Slovenian businessmen to Argentina. Besides other activities, the software for a digital tool called “the Slovenian Business Map” will be taken to Argentina, to find out products, entrepreneurs and Slovenian companies in Brazil. This will help to the exchange of products between both countries, and to the main goal which is the exchange and relationship of those companies with Slovenia.
SLOAR President Mr. Križ, emphasized the very important role of SGBN in the creation of our chamber and in the development of business contacts. SGBN (Slovenian Global Business Network) is the institution that helps to further promote the exchange of Slovenian production globally. 

In addition to SGBN co-founder Dr. Štefan Bogdan Barenboim Šalej and President from SLOAR, Mr. Martin Križ, also Brazilian businessmen with Slovenian roots were part of the meeting: Max Slivnik, owner of a modern farm and winery, engineer Anton Svetlic, owner of the Sonitron company, Sandro Hlebanja, founder and owner of the company Nasha, and representatives of the 4th generation of Slovenes Alexander Hlebanja, founder of the Fungo fresh mushroom company de Quintal and Juan Ignacio Artac.

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