Thayer Lindsley Award 2024

This award recognizes an individual or a team of explorers credited with a significant recent mineral discovery anywhere in the world. 

In this year’s edition, we are proud to say that the Lundin Group, whose team includes Martin Rode, a great Argentine businessman and entrepreneur with Slovenian roots, has won. The Lundin Group’s Vicuña exploration team has won the award because it has made groundbreaking discoveries over more than two decades. Their exploits encompass not only the identification of three porphyry copper-gold deposits, but also the establishment of a new mineral district along the border between Argentina and Chile. 

Given the immense discoveries and potential, the Vicuña district is poised to ascend as a key global center for copper, gold and silver production, a major milestone that will undoubtedly have a huge positive impact on both our country’s economy and that of neighboring Chile.

We congratulate Martin Rode and the entire Lundin Group of Companies team.  We share the enthusiasm for this incredible achievement 

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