Tour of Mendoza companies 

On Thursday September 14th, the ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia,  Alain Brian Bergant, with the future Honorary Consul of Slovenia in  Mendoza, Pablo Šmon, visited two companies of SLOAR members in that province.  

In the morning we received the ambassador at BAJDA S.R.L., along with the consul, and eng Jorge Komar, at the Guaymallén industrial plant. Bajda SRL, is a family business, initially a barrel company, which over time became a wooden floors manufacturer and other items of the Wood Industry. Currently, the company produces and merchandises barrels, industrialized pieces of wood, solid wood floors and stratified products and their accessories, as well as products related to the installation and maintenance of those floors.

As part of its commitment to the environment, BAJDA diversified its activity with several forestations, which generated raw materials for its own use and for the use of other industries in Mendoza. The company, has also managed to expand as much as exporting part of its production to first-level markets, such as: Spain, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, USA, Slovenia, Chile, among many others. 

We then shared a lunch, during which our guests and the trustee of the Chamber, eng. Jorge Komar, enjoyed a traditional menu and good Mendoza wines. 

Finally, in the afternoon we visited another member company that was also a founder of SLOAR, BARTOLO BAJDA and sons. Since its establishment the company has greatly expanded and diversified its activity. It actually has four business units. These are:    *the manufacture of machines and special cutting tools for various industries;   *manufacturing of laminated glued beams;   *an industrialized sawmill for the production of poplar wood products and byproducts and    *the merchandising of wooden roofs, wood and related products and byproducts. Besides, they are developing industrialized housing designed for export. 

The president of the Chamber and Manager of BAJDA S.R.L, Martin Križ, and the president of United Slovenia and trustee of our institution, eng. Jorge Komar, both our guests had the opportunity to meet the company owners and all its staff, while they were able to appreciate the operations of their successful companies.

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