Visit to CKC Laboratories

On Thursday July 20th, 2023, the ambassador of Slovenia in Argentina, Alain Brian Bergant and Tomás Kastelic, economic advisor of the embassy, ​​visited together with Martin Križ, president of SLOAR, the CKC Argentina SA Laboratories, facilities. 

Laboratorios CKC Argentina SA is a pioneer company in the production and merchandising in Argentina, of a wide line of biological fertilizers. 

Since 1970, the CKC brand has been present in the agricultural market, providing seeds and inoculants for soybeans, which provide nitrogen-fixing bacteria at the sowing-time, which improve crop yield and contribute to the maintenance of a sustainable agriculture. 

During the visit to the company’s offices and warehouse, eng. Andrés Kocmur, President of the company and 1st Vice President of our Chamber, made an interesting presentation on the activities of the company he leads, referring to new lines of research and strategic alliances, for the internationalization of the company and its projection abroad.  

Even today, after more than 50 years operation, Laboratorios CKC still is one of the main companies in its field, being the only one that has two agreements signed with the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA). Furthermore, its vision based on production of differentiated quality products for the agriculture that take care of the environment, took them to expand their horizons out of Latin America, towards Europe and Africa.

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