On March 16th, we accompanied the ambassador on his visit to our Chamber founding companies. This time we visited the metallurgical company Talleres Crovara of the Kržišnik family. 

The ambassador was welcome by two generations of Slovene,  they are all part of this great company. Ambassador Alain Brian Bergant and the financial counselor Tomás Kastelic visited Talleres Crovara S.A. in Isidro Casanova, province of Buenos Aires, as part of their visits to companies, members of the Slovene-Argentine Chamber of Commerce (SLOAR). Martín Križ, president of SLOAR, also accompanied them. This successful family business, that works on cutting, punching, and bending of metal and steel sheet, was founded in 1959 by Jože Kržišnik. Today, with more than 50 years of experience the company is still run by his children and grandchildren and has approximately 40 employees.

We also took the opportunity to visit Kovinar S.A., this company, also run by Jože Kržišnik’s descendants, commercializes products for roofing and dry construction.

We want to thank you all for your kind welcome, for allowing us to visit the company, tell us its story and explain how it works. And a great thank you for the beautiful Ljubljana’s dragon made of steel, they offered us as a gift, undoubtedly, it will decorate the new facilities of our embassy.

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