Visita a Industrias Kras destacada

Visit to Kras Industries

Visita a Industrias Kras

On Thursday, March 14, our president, Mr. Martin Križ, together with our second vice-president, Mr. Antonio Oblak, led a visit to Kras Industries. In this meeting we again had the pleasure to be joined by the representatives of the Slovenian Embassy in Argentina, the Chargé d’Affaires Igor Šef and the Economic Counselor Tomas Kastelic. 

Kras Industries is a family company founded in 1978 by Mr. José Kjuder, who currently serves as its General Manager. It is a manufacturing company – producer of machines for the renovation of internal combustion engines with more than 40 employees. It is mainly dedicated to providing the solutions demanded by engine rectification workshops, mechanical workshops and various organizations, to whom it supplies machines, equipment and other tools and supplies for the sector.

As time went by, what started as a small family business, grew to the point of opening new divisions in charge of reconditioning used equipment and imported machines, and at the same time started the production of their own rectifier models. In this way, Kras Industries was making a name for itself in the market, both nationally and internationally, to the point of becoming one of the leading brands in its sector, with more than 500 machines per year in the market. 

Regarding its presence in the international market, Kras Industries reaches more than 2,000 customers throughout South America on a daily basis. Likewise, in the rest of the world it maintains close contact with companies from Denmark, Italy, the United States and China, among others.

Even bearing in mind all the growth already achieved, Kras Industries is a company that maintains a young and innovative spirit, which allows it to continue developing an innovative engineering that keeps it at the forefront, and continues to expand its business units to develop more and more added value for its customers. 

During the meeting, the representatives of Kras Industries took our executives on a tour of their industrial plant and the different areas of spare parts, sales offices and administrative offices of the company. In addition, as guests we had the opportunity to visit the new plant that is still under construction and that will be destined to another brand that will be known as Zebra. This new plant will be dedicated to the production and installation of air compressors of various types.

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