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Visit to Luvik

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Continuing with the tour of companies founded and managed by Slovenian families, on Friday, May 10, it was the time for our executives to visit Luvik, a company with more than 50 years of experience in the wholesale distribution of food and various items for daily consumption. We were welcomed at the company by Mr. Luis Klemenčič, founder of the company, and his sons Ezequiel and Santiago. They were the ones who guided us on the tour, showing us all the potential that their company has and even allowing us to preview some of their future projects. The visit was led by our president, Mr. Martin Križ, who was accompanied by the treasurer of our organization, Mr. Antonio Malovrh. 

Currently, the Klemenčič family continues to bet on permanent growth, venturing into the gastronomic area with two renowned restaurants, Le tropezón and Clásica y moderna, as well as stepping strongly in the food industry, with a dairy production plant, which manufactures premium products, such as the well-known Dahi Yogurt.

To learn more about Luvik, go to their website: 

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