Visit to São Paulo – a trilateral meeting of Slovenian organizations from around the world 

Last Friday, April 5, we had the honor to attend a working lunch together with our friends from SLOBRAZ and founding members of Slovene Dutch Business Platform (SDBP), Franc Matjaž (Tičo) Zupančič and Edo Sternad.

Also present were the director of the Slovene Construction Cluster, Vladimir Gumilar, and the co-founder of SGBN, Štefan Bogdan Baremboim Šalej, who was kind enough to offer us his home for the meeting. Also present at the meeting were the new president of SLOBRAZ, Aleksander Hlebanja, the secretary of the institution Marcelo Devecz and our well-known business friend, Martin Mavrič. 

The meeting began with a brief presentation of the history and work of each of the institutions present, followed by an enriching exchange of each other’s business experiences. 

One of the highlights was the conversation that arose between the organizations about the use of the digital Slovenian Business Map, a virtual directory of Slovenian exporting companies, which is already published in Brazil and will allow to promote and give greater visibility worldwide to companies and professionals that are part of one of our organizations. 

Finally, a cooperation agreement was signed between SLOBRAZ and SDBP, which will allow them to strengthen the already existing link between them and improve mutual assistance. The possibility of our organization signing the same cooperation agreement with our Dutch colleagues in the near future was also discussed. 

On this occasion, as a great closing of the day, we had the opportunity to taste an exquisite meal, traditional Brazilian cuisine, the feijoada. 

We are very grateful for the opportunity to be part of this type of encounter with organizations that share our ambition to grow and the values that guide us along the way.

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