Visit to São Paulo – Conference and reunions 

On Thursday, April 4, we attended the international conference on transition and sustainable development for the construction industry in São Paulo, Brazil.

We were invited to participate in the Go Green Brazil conference, organized by the director of the Slovenian Construction Cluster ICBUILD, Vladimir Gumilar, together with SLOBRAZ. The event was also hosted by Slovenian Global Business Network (SGBN) and featured presentations from various partners across Europe, among which were also the founding members of Slovene Dutch Business Platform (SDBP), Franc (Tičo) Zupančič, Jure Tomc and Edo Sternad. 

During the conference, several talks were given by both Brazilian and international companies, aimed at promoting green growth through intelligent solutions for a conscious progress that preserves the environment. 

It was an extensive and very fruitful day, from which we not only took away with us new connections, but also knowledge to pass on to our partners, so that Argentina can also be part of the sustainable future. 

To end a great day of talks and meetings, our vice president, Antonio Oblak, together with our secretary, Guillermo Ayerbe, shared a dinner with SGBN co-founder Dr. Štefan Bodgdan Baremboim Šalej, the new president of SLOBRAZ, Alexander Hlebanja, who was accompanied by his wife, as well as the new secretary of SLOBRAZ, Marcelo Devecz.  

One of the main topics of the bilateral talks between SLOBRAZ and SLOAR was the use of the digital Slovenian Business Map, which is already in operation in Brazil. It is a virtual directory of Slovenian exporting companies, which aims to promote and give greater visibility to the companies and professionals that are part of it, in order to increase trade both nationally and internationally for each of them. 

We are very grateful for the invitation and hope that this is another step that will allow us to continue strengthening the link and common interests. 

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