Visit to the Secretary of State

Portada Reunión con Serenellini Sloar

Last Thursday, January 18, the Secretary of Communication and Press of the Nation, Eduardo Serenellini, received at the Government House the SLOAR Chamber, represented by our authorities Andrés Kocmur and Antonio Oblak, together with the directors of the Chamber of Wood and Related Industries (CEMA) and the Argentine Chamber of the Industry of Doors and Windows (CAIPYVA).

During the meeting they discussed the main points of the labor reform, included both in the DNU 70/2023 and in the “Law of bases and starting points for the freedom of the Argentine people”, ratifying the support and commitment of the representatives of the institutions to these changes which, like the government itself, are considered urgent for the progress of our economy.

In turn, the representatives of the chambers expressed their concerns and talked to the Secretary about the main problems affecting their daily work. They all agreed in mentioning the situation of imports and their follow-up within a planned framework, as well as the need to generate promotions to export their finished products. 

We can conclude that the meeting was very positive for all those present, and we hope that it will open the doors to new conversations and agreements that will allow us to project a better future for the Argentine industry.

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