Wine tasting and dollarization

On Monday, September 18th, a meeting was held at the CEMA University facilities, with members and guests of SLOAR and guests from the prestigious business university.

The meeting began with a dissertation on economics and dollarization in Argentina, led by Dr. Jorge Ávila. During the speech, the economist, PhD at the University of Chicago and professor at UCEMA, presented to us his knowledge about a topic he studies since 2005. Thanks to his ideas, all guests present learned about the conditions, the potential benefits and even the risks of a dollarization plan that, due to the current electoral context, it is in everyone’s minds and mouths.

As we have to feed the mind, but also the heart, the event continued with a wine tasting from the prestigious Mendoza winery Catena Zapata. It was directed by one of its most important engineers and winemakers, Ernesto “Nesti” Bajda.

Finally, the closing of this joint event was an agape of select wines, accompanied by delicatessen of Slovenian origin. We deeply thank to the Vice-Rector of the University of CEMA, Antonio Marín, for the organization of the event and the warm welcome and to Dr. Ávila and Ernesto “Nesti” Bajda for having accompanied us and shared his knowledge with us.

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